Sold on Whitewater & Rice Lake


"Robert was actually referred to us by another realtor who relayed that Robert was more familiar with the area we were looking, and particularly around the lake properties we were interested in. We met him in town and had coffee to introduce ourselves and our wishes and dreams to buy a property and build a retirement home in southern Wisconsin.


Robert may us feel much more at ease with what we were about to embark on, and gave us confidence that he would be there at our side to guide us through all the technical mumbo-jumbo of real estate transactions. Once we found the property we liked, he helped us write up the offer, and establish a suitable buying strategy for the property, and after a counteroffer by the seller, we had a deal! After the agreement was reached, the property had to be inspected, septic and soil conditions had to be tested, and a few other administrative tasks accomplished to ensure we, the buyers, were properly protected per the terms of the accepted offer. We closed on the property in the specified 90 day period without any problems or hiccups, and now are continuing with the design and construction phases of the new home we are building.


Robert was a warm and reassuring guiding light in these efforts, which sometimes can be a little scary, but he put our worries comfortably to rest in all cases. I would recommend Robert to assist anyone looking for a kind, knowledgeable, and caring realtor who genuinely wants to have his customers experience great success and happiness in their home or property searches. Cynthia even made him a huge cheesecake as a thank-you gift, which was welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed by Robert and his family.

— Loomans, Whitewater, WI (Buyer)