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Satisfied Buyers & Sellers

Krista M.


"If you like a Realtor that has you believing your deal is as important to him as it is to you, then Robert is your man.

Since relocating from the Chicago area many years ago, I've had frustration after frustration with other Realtors. They didn't call back in a timely manner, if at all, we had to call them if something new came on the market, and generally we felt they just didn't want to be bothered by us.

This was our first opportunity to work with Robert since he established his business in Whitewater. Our deal was relatively small potatoes, just for an empty lot. Still, his dedication to his client shined through. His communication was always swift. He would immediately respond to any questions, and during any waiting periods would reach out anyway to say he's not yet heard anything.

In addition to his exemplary work ethic, he is a resident and an active part of the Whitewater Lake community, and is part of the reason why Whitewater Lake is such a great place to live. I strongly recommend Robert for your real estate" dealings in the Whitewater Lake area."

Judith H.


"Mr. Sivek gave us wonderful service. He understands the market, makes intelligent decisions about the value of the property, puts a great deal of energy into the background work to make showings successful and sold the property very quickly and efficiently.
I am very happy to recommend Mr.Sivek and would gladly use him again if needed."

William S.


"Robert was a go getter from the start. When we met with him for the first time at our property that we were selling, he already did some research on this property. He is very helpful in what he thought needed to be completed before it was put on the market. Presented our house with wonderful pictures inside and out, also, had a drone take a video of the surrounding area. He kept us up to date during the whole sale. He seems to be a perfectionist. I would strongly recommend Robert for any of your real estate transactions. Thank you."

Steve M.


"Robert is a true professional, an amazing person, and exceeded our expectations. He walked us through the entire process of our home sale and was right on target with every milestone. My wife and I are truly impressed with everything he did. What makes Robert stand out the most was the compassion and communication even after the closing. I would recommend him and his staff with the highest regards."

Kathleen A.


"Robert was just fantastic. From the moment we met him, he was kind, relaxed, understanding, and unflappable.

We were out of state and selling a property. He kept us informed every step of the way. He explained his marketing plan in detail and then followed through with it. As soon as anything in the marketing plan was completed, he would forward it to us. He told us every time there was a showing, and then got told us the feedback. He answered every single question with patience and humor. He kept us informed of every issue and successfully dealt with the few issues that appeared. He helped us find trusted people to deal with the cosmetic repairs that significantly increased the value of our property. Finally, he got us through closing with NO STRESS.

I cannot say enough good things about Robert, his kindness and his professionalism. If I could give him 10 stars, I would."

Catherine M.


"It's my pleasure to share my recent experience with Robert Sivek. In 2019, Robert served as my agent in selling a Whitewater Lake area property swiftly and without a hitch. Robert went the extra mile to help me since I was at our home in Door County for most of the sale process.


On January 10, 2021, I suddenly hatched a plan to own another home in the Whitewater Lake area, though we still live in Door County. Old habits die hard, and Whitewater and Richmond lured me in. As we are all aware, this is most definitely not a buyer's market, but I spotted a Richmond house that called to me. Robert was the only agent I considered contacting, since after my first sale, I consider Robert to be more friend than agent. Because of COVID concerns, I was not able to come to view the house, but Robert toured it the very next day and sent me many photos, some depicting the positive features, but more importantly, photos of things that might need attention or give me pause. I relied on Robert to be my eyes and ears on the ground, so to speak, and felt like I got a balanced view of the home to go with an inspection report Robert procured for me from the buyers. The house had a primary offer, but Robert guided me through the process of making a secondary offer that would make sense to the sellers. As it turned out, everything fell into place nicely. On February 1, a mere 3 weeks from my first call to Robert, I was sitting at a closing on a beautiful home, promising the sellers that I would keep their family history and love of the property alive and well.


My view from the start was that, if this hasty plan came to fruit, it was meant to be. However, I am very much aware, I would not own the home now if left to my own devices 225 miles away. It's a fine thing to have an agent you can trust when you are standing face to face, looking one another in the eye. It's an even better thing to know an agent like Robert, with a sense of integrity that infuses everything he does, even from a distance. Robert's joy in putting together a deal that is fair to both buyer and seller, and I've been both in his world, is just the icing on the cake. As I sit in frigid Door County, it warms my heart to know I also have a piece of home sweet home “down south,” thanks to you, Robert! Five star service all the way."

Nan B.


“Robert Sivek is a true professional, knowledgeable, & organized, and lead us spectacularly with the sale of our house. He gave us great advice from the beginning to end. We could not have found a better leader.” 

Marilyn H.


"I am so thankful that we had Robert as our realtor. He was first and foremost such a kind and caring man. He is extremely knowledgeable, and if he did not know an answer he quickly found it out for you. He sold our beloved home on the lake quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend him."

Carol L.


"Can't say enough for Robert. He is very knowledgeable, efficient and so easy to talk to about real estate questions. Thanks for getting us our asking price!"

Patrick M.


"From the beginning Robert was a great representative for our property. He walked us thru every step, and explained everything if we had questions. if an issue came up, Robert contacted us immediately and assisted us in making the proper decision. I would highly recommend Robert and his services."

Robert L.


"Robert is incredible. When you look at Realtors, one could say all are equal, but Robert is not. He love the community he lives in and sells property in. The passion he shares is true and honest. Lake Whitewater is a beautiful place, and his knowledge of the community and involvement within the community help make him the most prepared, knowledgeable, friendly, resourceful and caring people ever.

Don't waste your time looking for anyone other than Robert if you are looking for property on Lake Whitewater. He is the BEST !!"

Kimberly D.


"I knew Robert was the right real estate agent the first time I met with him. His knowledge of Whitewater Lake gave me complete confidence in his ability to market our cottage. Not only did he know what was important in the presentation but he handled every detail right up to closing. His numerous contacts in the area ensured a smooth and timely closing. I would recommend Robert to anyone in the lake area. You will not find a more honest, hard-working real estate professional."

Scott D. 


"Robert is 'The Realtor' for Whitewater Lake and surrounding areas. Robert recently represented us in the sale of our house on the lake and we could not have been more pleased. Robert knows Whitewater lake like a resident, because he is! He has a great sense for the market, pricing, trade-offs among properties, etc. He worked tirelessly on our behalf, always staying in touch, and always there for wise counsel and advice, as needed. Robert is a kind, honest man and a sure thing if you are looking for someone to buy/sell property on Whitewater Lake."

Mike M.


"We had a great experience working with Robert. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great person. We were under contract quickly with his guidance, and had a very smooth closing. I would highly recommend him!"

Steve W.


"This is the second time that Robert has supported me. He's always super responsive and supportive. Pays attention to the details and makes stuff happen!"

Phillip B


"Robert did a tremendous job selling our Whitewater Lake home. He met with us over a nine-month period to evaluate the property and advise us on how to prepare the house for viewing. He presented our house at the right time in such a way that the house went on the market on Friday and sold on Saturday for more than the asking price. And then he led us through all of the steps right through the closing. He knew what he was doing, and he coached us in what we had to do."

Amy S.


"Robert did a great job at listening to what we wanted and our price range. He was never “pushy” and anything. He answered our questions, if he didn’t know he either found out or sent us in the right direction. Very pleased at his abilities."

Cheryl S.


"Robert is someone that you can trust. He goes out of his way to make sure everything goes smooth. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Thank you Robert :)"

Mary R.


"Robert Sivek is a true professional. From the time we met him, there was no doubt that he was committed to supporting us in reaching our goal of successfully selling our lake property.

Robert is a good listener, who paid careful attention to hearing exactly what our goals were and made sure we knew that he wanted the same things for us. He is definitely a person who goes above and beyond to serve the people who come to him for help."

Ed S.


"Robert was great to work with. Very attentive and responsive. He answered our questions and if he was unsure of something, he found the answer or sent us in the right direction to get the answer. He was a pleasure to work with."

Dave W.


"Robert is truly the only broker you would ever want to use. You cannot find anyone better than him to sell, buy or rent a home for you. He was the President of a major company before he began to sell real estate and it shows! His knowledge spans sales, customer services, marketing, accounting, and the economy.

We have used Robert to rent and to sell our homes, both at Century 21 and at Next Homes. Employees are the key to any company; not only is a real estate company incredibly fortunate to have such a talented person working for them, but you would be too. You are in charge of the transaction. He gets you top dollar. His knowledge of the latest marketing techniques is way better than anyone else we have used. Not one person, anywhere, is better out of 20 real estate professionals we have used the last 20 years."

Steve W.


"I was disappointed with our first broker and decided to make a change. After speaking with Robert on the phone and listening to his approach, ideas and why he thought our house hadn't sold yet, I was convinced he was the right broker for us.

Robert engaged quickly, made suggestions to make the house more appealing to potential buyers, created a drone video and did all the necessary social and print marketing to represent the home at it's best to the market. I was kept informed of the scheduling of showings, results and all follow-on conversations. Once negotiations began Robert and I communicated continuously via email,text and on the phone as needed. Very efficient process. Robert was also very helpful in arranging for Well water, Radon, and other required tests.

The total experience with Rober was professional, friendly and most importantly, delivered the desired outcome in a timely manner."

Catherine M.


"I would highly recommend Robert Sivek. He brought me a full-price offer within 24 hours of listing, with a closing within 32 days. I was apprehensive about selling a house in Whitewater because I live in Door County, Thus, I knew I would have limited time to work on my part of the selling project. Robert ended up being the "boots on the ground" taking on duties I would normally not expect an agent to shoulder. For instance, he hauled off the many accumulated cans of paint left by previous owners because I couldn't find a Clean Sweep in the area before the closing. In addition, he found someone to take a large swing set, was the one on site to let technicians come in to do post-inspection work, made sure I had the closing documents early to sign and return from Fish Creek, and handled the closing on my behalf. Because he was willing to go above and beyond, Robert made a long-distance sale much easier than I would have imagined. Robert's background in event planning showed in his attention to detail, I was never concerned that anything would fall by the wayside in my absence. Robert was diligent about sharing with me all aspects of the sale, so I never felt like I was sitting up north in the dark. He was patient with my middle of the night emails, as thoughts and questions would occur to me, and also respectful of the fact that, in my retirement, I no longer choose to see mornings. I might want to sell a house, but talking in the morning would be a deal-breaker, plain and simple. He got that. I didn't know Robert before this sale, but we had fun working together to reach the goal. If you can take a business deal and turn it into a friendship, that's about as good as life can get. Thank you!"

Gary S.


"Robert's local knowledge of Whitewater Lake market was huge. He handled all negotiations on a timely manner and was in constant communication with us through the closing. We would highly recommend Robert for Lake Property Real Estate."