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Whitewater Lake Bike Loop

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Nestled in the Southern Kettle Moraine Forest, the Whitewater and Rice Lake area offers endless recreation activities. If you enjoy biking, there are various on-road biking routes available online including Discover Whitewater's Ultimate Bike Path and the City of Whitewater’s recommended bike paths. With Robert Sivek being your local Waterfront Specialist serving the Whitewater & Rice Lake Area, we wanted to share our own Whitewater Lake Bike Loop.

Stop 1: Lake Home Info

If you want to check out the area, you are welcome to park at the Lake Home Info and start your biking journey from there. If you live locally, start from your home base and adjust the route accordingly.

Approximately 1.42 miles from Lake Home Info to Rice Lake Picnic Area

From Lake Home Info, take Kettle Moraine Drive into the Kettle Moraine State Forest. You’ll pass Camp Joy on the left then the Contact Station on your right. When you come to State Park Road, take a left. As you head down this road, immediately on your right you will pass the trailhead for the Rice Lake Nature Trail.

Stop 2: Rice Lake Picnic Area

As you continue down the road, you will come to a loop at the end. Here you can enjoy views of Rice Lake, wade in the water to cool off, stop for a snack in the pavilion or use the toilet facilities.

Approximately 1.48 miles from the Rice Lake Picnic Area to Parkside Marina

Follow the loop to turn around and head back to the entrance of the Rice Lake Fee Area, but this time take a right at the intersection. As you continue on State Park Road, you will pass Crestview Drive then Ridge Road. After passing Ridge Road, make sure you stop to take in the views as you drive down the narrow stretch of State Park Road where Whitewater Lake is on your left and Rice Lake is on the right.

Stop 3: Whitewater Lake Beach and/or the Parkside Marina

After passing through the scenic stretch, you will come up to Whitewater Lake Beach then the Dr. O.R. Memorial Picnic Area followed by the Whitewater Damn then the Parkside Marina. If you need a break, toilet facilities, a picnic area, or to cool off in the lake, stop at the Whitewater Lake Beach. If you are simply looking for a rest or picnic area, stop at the Dr O.R. Memorial Picnic Area to take in views of Rice Lake from the peninsula.

Approximately 2.88 miles from the Parkside Marina to Natureland County Park

Continue on State Park Road until you come up to W. Lakeshore Drive. Continue on W. Lakeshore Drive until you reach Kettle Moraine Dr. and take a left. You will pass the Whitewater Lions Club on your left. Continue to the end of the street where you come to a stop sign and take a right on R and W Townline Road.

Now, you will head a little bit out into the country, but this is the only way around the lake. Continue down R and W Townline Road passing the Lakeview Elementary School until you reach Brown Road. Take a left on Brown Road and follow it to the end. Then, take a left on Territorial Road. Up ahead on your left, you come to Natureland Park.

Stop 4: Natureland County Park

Stop at the parking lot to view one of the headwaters of the lake. Natureland Park spans 122 acres with 4 hiking trails and features port-a-potties, picnic tables, and a pavilion. After taking a break at Natureland Park, continue your bike loop by taking a left out of the parking lot onto Territorial Road.

Approximately 1.86 miles from Natureland Park to Scenic Ridge Campground

Take Territorial Road until you reach Oakwood Road and take a left. Oakwood Road will keep you biking along the lake. As you bike down Oakwood Road, look out at the lake towards Bird Island and see if you can spot the eagles!

At the end of Oakwood Road, take a left on Chapel Drive. Continue past the ponds on your left until the road turns. Take a right onto R and W Townline Road. You will pass the Heart Prairie Lutheran Church on your left. As you bike down R and W Townline Road, the road narrows with a pond on the right and Whitewater Lake on the left.

Stop 5: Scenic Ridge Campground

Next up, you will reach the Scenic Ridge Campground. Stop at the Snack Shack for a refreshment or visit their general store. The Snack Shack is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Maybe even treat yourself to one of their 8 ice cream flavors or try a shake or a sundae.

Approximately 2.56 miles from Scenic Ridge Campground to Lake Home Info.

Once you are ready to carry on, take a right out of the parking lot and continue on R and W Townline Road until you reach E. Lakeshore Drive. Take a left on E. Lakeshore Drive.

Continue on E. Lakeshore Drive. When you come up to a stop sign at Hackett Rd, turn left to stay on E Lakeshore Drive. Continue on E. Lakeshore Drive until you reach County Road P. Take a left on County Road P. As you drive down County Road P, to your right is the Whitewater Oak Opening State Natural Area.

Up ahead, you may note that we’re right back where we started, at Lake Home Info. Take a left on Kettle Moraine Drive then a right into the Lake Home Info parking lot.

Stop 6: Lake Home Info

Now, you have completed the Whitewater Lake loop! Stop by our office to grab a cup of coffee, meet your local waterfront expert, explore the Resource Center, or use the restrooms.

We hope you enjoy your biking journey around Whitewater Lake! In total, it was approximately a 10-mile bike ride around the lake.



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