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Robert Sivek Makes Commitment to Excellence

Robert Sivek with NextHome Success has earned the REALTORS® Commitment to Excellence Endorsement from the National Association of Realtors®.

By earning this endorsement, Robert has joined an elite group of REALTORS® who have committed to elevating themselves to being the “best of the best” in the industry.

The Endorsement goes to Realtors® who have demonstrated knowledge and competency in 10 core areas of real estate practice:

  1. Client service

  2. Professional reputation

  3. Real estate law

  4. Realtor® Code of Ethics

  5. Equal service to all (Article 10 of the Code)

  6. Advocacy of real property ownership

  7. Trust and integrity

  8. Use of technology

  9. Data privacy

  10. Areas of practice

The C2EX Endorsement, available only to Realtors®, is earned through a self-directed program that enables users to assess and build on their competency in each of the core areas. Launched in November 2018, this innovative program sets the standard for what it means to be a professional in the real estate brokerage business.

“Since it was launched in 2018, NAR’s REALTORS® Commitment to Excellence program has transformed our field, spotlighting Realtor® professionalism and helping our members gain a critical competitive edge over the industry,” said NAR President Charlie Oppler, a Realtor® from Franklin Lakes, N.J., and the CEO of Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. “Available only to Realtors®, the C2EX endorsement offers a completely customized path toward success based on each individuals’ pre-existing knowledge, and it’s clear why more than 60,000 NAR members have already signed up to pursue their endorsement. Today, we are proud

of Robert Sivek for making this commitment and distinguishing himself] in the Whitewater & Rice Lake Area real estate market.”



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