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Marketing Matters When Selling Your Home

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Marketing plays an essential role in capturing the attention of potential buyers. At Lake Home Info, Robert Sivek is committed to providing his clients every advantage when buying or selling property.

Real Estate in a Digital Age

Robert Sivek leverages a medley of traditional and digital marketing strategies to maximize the exposure of your property. Direct mailers, print marketing, local and national advertising, social media, targeted email marketing, dedicated websites with virtual tours and drone footage, and the typical marketing programs available through Century 21 Affiliated.

A medley of traditional and digital marketing strategies enables Robert to reach buyers of all ages. When buyers report how they found the home they purchased, 50% used the Internet, 28% worked with a real estate agent, 7% saw a yard or open house sign, 7% where referred by a friend, 5% were referred by a home builder, 3% knew the seller, and 1% saw a print newspaper ad (Source).

Furthermore, according to the National Association of Realtors, here are a few statistics that illustrate the importance of leveraging a strong marketing strategy when it comes time to sell your home:

  • 84% of buyers found online information to be a crucial part of their house search (Source).

  • When it comes to the property website, here’s what buyers value - 87% photos, 85% detailed information about the property, 52% floor plan, and 46% virtual tours (Source).

  • Property listings with aerial photographs sell 68% faster (Source).

  • 95% of buyers used the internet to search for homes and 50% found the home they purchased online (Source)

In a digital age, you need to market your home where the buyers are and tailor your approach to fit their buying cycle. Real estate signs, direct mailers, and other traditional marketing strategies still support and contribute to your overall marketing strategy, but are not enough by themselves.

Leverage Technology to Differentiate Your Property

As more realtors embrace digital marketing, it becomes even more important to generate unique and engaging content to showcase your property. Robert does not settle for the status quo, rather he invests in professional photography, drone footage, and professional services to take your marketing to the next level and to sell your property faster.

A few tools in his marketing toolbox include:

  1. Drone Footage – Certified drone pilots capture an aerial perspective of your property. The video aerial footage is then shared in MLS, on Facebook, and on YouTube.

  2. Virtual Tours – Linked directly to your dedicated website and MLS listing, virtual tours give prospects a sneak preview of your house. It’s the always open house that can be viewed and interacted with anytime, from any connected device.

  3. Dedicated Website – In addition to the traditional MLS listing, showcase your property with your own dedicated website and make it easy for prospects to learn more with a custom property URL that is your address.

  4. MLS Listing – Maximize the exposure of your property to every real estate agency with a detailed property listing with photos, detailed property information, agent contact information, interactive maps, neighborhood information, and more.

  5. Waterfront Sign – Reach prospects who already know and love your lake.

  6. Boat Tour – Experience what the lake has to offer and view your property from the lake.

Together, these marketing strategies help differentiate your property from the rest. Prospective buyers don’t struggle trying to envision the property from pictures, rather they can navigate and move through the rooms of your house to get a feeling of the home before even requesting a home showing! Not only do these strategies help engage prospective buyers, but also helps educate the prospective buyer so that you can focus your time and effort on qualified buyers.


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