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Is It the Right Time to Sell?

Home prices in your neighborhood have changed. Is your home worth more than you think? If you are curious how much your home is worth, click the button below to request a valuation.

Instant Valuation

Once you request an evaluation, you will instantly receive:

  1. Your home price

  2. Recently sold homes nearby

  3. Local market trends

The instant valuation is on a computer model.

Personalized Valuation

Even though you have the computer generated valuation, there is no substitute for a professional who can review the valuation and take all the factors into account.

In larger cities and suburbs, many of the homes are built with similar floorplans by the same builders and are on like terrain. This makes it easy for a computer to predict the value of the house based on what neighboring houses sold for.

Here at the lake, we all have varying home styles, builders, land topography, and water rights. This is where I come in. If you want to really see what your home could sell for today, please contact me personally.

Whether you are estate planning, preparing to sell, getting insurance quotes, or are just plain old curious, I can provide a comparative home analysis. The process takes about a week. I only need about 30 minutes of your time to tour your home with you. Most of my time will be spent researching public records and comparing it to those nearby.

Homes near the lake value quite well. If you are curious or in need of a home valuation, please give me a call at 630-774-4640 or stop by my office at Kettle Moraine Dr. and Country Road P. It’s the white building across for JNT’s offices.



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