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Build Your Dream Lake Home

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

When you imagine yourself at your lake home, what do you picture in your mind? Perhaps, it’s a stunning designer kitchen overlooking the lake, picturesque lake views from the master bedroom, or panoramic sunset views from the deck.

Based on your preferences and lifestyle, you likely have a good idea of what you are looking for in a lake home. It can be nearly impossible for you to find your “dream home” without a few renovations and redecorating.

If you are going to take on these projects and hassles to make the home your own, why not build your dream lake home so you can customize it to you and your family?

Benefits of Building Your Dream Lake Home

There are many benefits to purchasing a lot and building your own lake home:

Customize the Interior & Exterior

When you build your own home, you design your ideal floorplan, choose a layout for each room, and select your own appliances.

You can choose the number of bathrooms, the number of bedrooms, the amount of storage space, the number of levels, etc. You can add on a specialty room such as a home office, craft room, movie theater, playroom, etc. Whatever you choose, you can customize the interior and exterior to fit your needs

Choose Your Style

Design the home to fit your style. You can design a rustic log cabin and maximize the natural landscape around the home. Alternatively, you could design a luxurious, contemporary lake home with floor to ceiling windows to maximize your view.

Optimize Your View

When you build your own home, you not only design the layout of the home but also the location, number, and type of windows. Choosing the right orientation and placement of windows can make all the difference in optimizing your view of the lake.

Skylight, floor to ceiling windows, or large atrium windows are a great way to maximize light. Towers, second floor balconies, and rooftop patios maximize your view!

Minimize Maintenance

Many couples look for a lake home for retirement. If you settle for an old home, you could be taking on more hassles than you want. Many old homes require much more upkeep. Instead of taking on a potential headache, you can design a new home that will allow you to relax more and fix less. Furthermore, you can design the home to be the ideal living environment for as long as possible. You can design it to minimize stairs & risks.

When you choose your own appliances, you know exactly what the warranty is. You can choose brands and warranties you trust, so that you are covered for some time.

Energy Efficiency

Old homes not only require maintenance, but also often include an inefficient furnace, water heater, air conditioner, windows, appliances, etc. All of these inefficiencies can lead to higher energy bills as well as maintenance costs down the road. When you build your own home, you choose the furnace, water heater, air conditioner, windows, and appliances. You can opt for energy efficient options and save tons on your energy bill.

Avoid Hidden Costs

When you design your own home, you can set a budget with your builder. You face fewer unanticipated hidden costs (i.e. hidden repairs or renovations). The last thing you want to do is fix the previous owners’ problems. When you buy an old home, you never know what you will find under the surface.

Start Fresh & Allergen Free

If you have environmental allergies, building a home may just be in the best interest of your health. Old homes have a long history and you may need get the full story on what that entails (i.e. water damage, pets, etc.). By starting fresh, you avoid the risk of purchasing a home that will only make you feel sick. Instead, you know its allergen free from the start and can control what happens to your home.

Design Your Outdoor Living Space

In addition to designing your lake home, you can also design how your lake home and outdoor living space fit together. By building both together, you can ensure a cohesive design from the lake to the edge of the driveway. Best of all, you can design the space to fit your lifestyle and entertaining style.

Considerations When Building a Lake Home

Building a lake home is different than building a typical home. You will want to do your homework and carefully select a reputable builder with extensive waterfront experience. A knowledgeable builder will be suited to educate and guide you through the process.

A few considerations include:

  • Site selection: Choose a property that will accommodate your design. Be mindful of the home’s orientation on the lake and the slope of the property.

  • Lake selection: Choose a lake that fits your lifestyle.

  • Property type: Determine the type of land and if it includes wetlands.

  • Zoning restrictions & laws: Ensure you can build what and how you want.

  • Water Levels: Factor in seasonal and historic water levels.

  • Flood Zone: Determine if your home is in a flood zone and if you need flood insurance.

  • Lake Association: Identify the lake association and know the lake rules.

  • Septic Systems: Consider the type of soil, septic options, and location of septic.

  • Erosion: Consider erosion control along shorelines & manage it for longevity.

  • Privacy: Design to optimize privacy and noise control.

  • Roofing, siding, and windows: Choose ones that are appropriate for the unique seasonal challenges of waterfront property.

  • Views: Consider the view from every single room.

When building your lake home, all these considerations are important. For more on the differences between a lakefront property and a traditional home purchase, check out our 10 Lake Home Considerations post.



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