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Benefits of Living Just off the Lake

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Many potential buyers default to a lakefront property with direct access to lake. However, there are other options for you to consider such as lake access and lake view. The right type of lake property will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

Two great people found their ideal property just off the lake to build their dream home for retirement in Wisconsin

Types of Lake Properties

When it comes to buying lakefront property, you can consider the following types of lake properties:

Lakefront Property

Lakefront Property provides direct access to the lake and includes the shoreline as part of the property. With limited shoreline around the lake, lakefront properties are scarce and thus have a higher price tag. Not only does it cost more to buy the lake home, but over time the cost of maintenance will be greater (i.e. erosion control, dock repair, weatherproofing, etc.). On the bright side, a lakefront property will appreciate more than a lake access or lake view property. If you care for your lakefront property and treat your property as a financial asset, you will likely see a return on your investment.

Lake View

Lakeview Property includes a view of the lake, but the property does not include a shoreline. Lake view properties are ideal for budget-wise buyers who desire a view of the lake, but do not require direct access via the shoreline.

What are the Benefits of Living Just Off the Lake?

With a limited amount of shoreline, lakefront property is scarce and that usually means small lot sizes. Furthermore, there are often more restrictions on lakefront properties (I.e. building codes, zoning laws, lake association rules). The limited lot size and greater amount of restrictions give rise to the benefits of living just off the lake.

If you choose lake access or a lake view property, here are few potential benefits to keep in mind:

More Space & Privacy

With limited space, many lakefront properties have a small lot and a direct view of the lake. If you can see your neighbors and other boaters on the lake, they likely can see you too! With lake access or lake view properties, you will have more space and greater privacy from neighbors and everyone on the lake. For example, you will have a greater chance of sipping your morning cup of coffee on the front porch without waving to boaters or greeting your neighbors!

Peace & Quiet

With lakefront property, you won’t just hear your direct neighbors, but also everyone on the lake and nearby. Don’t forget that sound seems amplified over water! Lake access and lake view properties are further from the lake so that sound does not carry as well. Plus, you will likely have more space between your property and surrounding properties.

Less Restrictions

Lake access and lake view properties often have less restrictions than lakefront properties in terms of building codes, zoning laws, and lake association rules. When you live just off the lake, you will have more room and greater flexibility for home additions and landscape improvements.

Lower Price Tag & Property Taxes

Not only are lakefront properties more expensive to purchase, but they are also taxed differently. You are more likely to pay higher taxes for lakefront property then lake access or lake view properties.

Enjoy the Lakes

Every public lake offers public access points for boat launching, fishing, and swimming. Specifically, Whitewater Lake offers two boat landings, a beach, and various natural areas with shoreline access & Rice Lake offers a boat landing and various natural areas with shoreline access. To fish, you can launch your boat or grab your pole and fish from the various shorelines within the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Explore the Kettle Moraine

Located near the Kettle Moraine State Forest, property owners can experience all the area has to offer with hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and snowmobile trails.


If you are looking for a weekend or summer gateway, you have additional options above and beyond lakefront property. If you are someone who wants to enjoy the view of the lake but have zero interest in dealing with the hassle of a boat or going swimming, then lake view property might be perfect for you! If you are someone who values space and privacy but still wants to go out on the lake on occasion, a lake access property might be ideal. To find the right property for you, consult your realtor and share your budget, lifestyles, and preferences.



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